If Super Typhoon Vongfong were to Impact Chicago…

We ran the HazWRF3, our own high resolution, movable, scale-able forecast model, over the strongest cyclone of 2014 – Super Typoon Vongfong… Vongfong is in the Philippine Sea, and is expected to move toward Japan later this week… When these storms are out in the ocean, they are often hard to size up… Well, for illustration purposes, we plotted our model forecast of the storm, centered over Chicago, to give an idea of just how large of an area it would cover!  Imagine a storm of this caliber, with peak wind speeds near 175 mph, impacting such an area!

Right now, Vongfong is now equivalent to a category 5 hurricane with sustained winds of 288 kph (180 mph) and gusts approaching 354 kph (220 mph).

Again, the actual Typhoon is expected to impact the Japan area and is not impacting Chicago. The image is for illustration purposes.

This image was made to scale-


Vongfong Track

Vongfong Track

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