Forecast Soundings Now Available!

Forecast soundings are a vital tool to forecasters as they tell a great deal of information about the atmosphere, to forecasters. After months of hard work, we have just released soundings for the majority of our models at HazWx. Our soundings offer a great amount of detail, especially, with sounding information containing the shear and instability values along with other important information such as the storm speed and direction.

Additionally, our soundings offer color coded hodographs so you can easily discern the shear and winds at each level!

Soundings like the one below are generated with a simple right click on the area of interest, once you have selected your forecast model of choice. At this time, soundings are enabled for all models except the HRRR and the 4KM NAM. These models are incredibly high resolution and we want to be very sure the data will be accurate and available in a timely manner before we push these live!

Obviously, these are still in the early stages, so please let us know and be understanding if you have issues. We will be monitoring the system and watching the progress! Also, you may need to clear your browser cache in order to see these


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