Winter Storm Ongoing

A winter storm is already ongoing across the far southern plains and is expected to continue impacting portions of the southern plains, upper Midwest and Great Lakes in the next few days. A number of advisories and warnings are already posted, with more expected in the coming hours.

One main story is the potential for significant ice accumulations with this storm. The latest models are trending higher with potential ice amounts. Temperatures through the atmosphere will be critical to the exact outcome of this event, so changes are certainly possible.

Here is an image from the NAM4, a high resolution model that goes out to 60 hours and runs 4 times per day across the United States.


This image is from the latest NAM12.. A lower resolution model that also runs 4 times per day across the US. It is not able to resolve finer details, but in general shows a swath of heavy ice accumulation in the same corridor.


Outside of this band of potential icing, there is the potential for snowfall accumulation… While snowfall amounts do not look to be significant, 3-5 inches will be possible over a rather large area of the central US. snow1


For a broader picture, you can see the system in a whole, delivering the area of snowfall, with areas of rain across the Ohio Valley.


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