A new era of WRF modeling

At Hazard Notifications, one thing we have prided ourselves on is our brilliant staff who continue to push the limits of advanced atmospheric modeling every day. Over the past month, our staff has continued to develop and improve on our 3D VAR technology. This allows us to import more than a 1/2 million observations worldwide, level 2 radar, satellite observations and more. These data go into the model to offer a precise prediction of future conditions.

We are now working to expand into the realm of 4D VAR, the same technology implemented by the ECMWF model, which is known for its precision. This method assimilates ~12 million obs, while updating 80 million state variables each analysis. Being able to utilize these methods in the WRF would create an invaluable model that would be useful for an incredibly wide range of applications.

In simpler terms, our research team continues to seek ways to improve our technology. These efforts are further encouraged by positive words from our current customers. Below are a few images that come to us from BAM Chase LLC, a weather consulting company from Indiana.  While always impressed, recently they took the time to send us some images from the model’s exceptional performance. You can also view a previous analysis of our WRF in a variety of scenarios.

In addition to developing superior forecasting techniques, we also continuously work on forecast products. Such as our proprietary hail, snow load and ice load algorithms. Beyond that, using machine learning techniques, we can provide advanced financial loss predictions, power outage predictions and much more.



Analyzed Radar (Wed Sept 10 1815z)


Forecast Radar (Wed Sept 10 1815z)

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