Hazard Notifications on WeatherBrains Tonight!

If you are into weather, the online web series “WeatherBrains” is a must for you to see! WeatherBrains is the weekly netcast that’s all about weather, delivered on a variety of audio and video platforms. This is the show that unites weather geeks worldwide! Tonight, Brandon Sullivan, the CEO of Hazard Notifications will be on WeatherBrains, discussing all the amazing technology coming soon. If you have wanted a preview into the future of Hazard Notifications, here is your chance to check it out!

Here is their website below, with links to archived shows and information.. Check it out and check in tonight to view the show!

Brandon will be discussing the HazWx modeling site, with live previews of the interface, talking about mobile development, social media and other interesting topics!


 You can watch the show here!



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