ECMWF Data Coming to HazWx

In January 2015, Hazard Notifications was acquired by AccuWeather, Inc., the global leader in digital weather information to media, the public, and business and industry. Through this acquisition process, our team remained determined to continue to refine the way weather model data is viewed and the overall user experience. Our acquisition by AccuWeather, Inc., provided us with a vast data-set and the necessary infrastructure to continue to innovate, improve and revolutionize weather data visualization. For more information on this acquisition, please visit here.

HazWx, our interactive modeling site, quickly became known for incredible graphics, with a first-of-its-kind interface that allows you to interact with the map. It is with great pleasure that we announce the coming addition of ECMWF data to the HazWx interactive modeling website. The ECMWF data is highly regarded in the weather community and we are proud to have the opportunity to visualize this data in our interactive mapping system.

Details regarding the data sets will be available in the coming weeks. At minimum, an impressive display of ECMWF information will be born on HazWx to include data fields such as:

  • Winds and Heights
  • Temperature
  • Velocity and Vorticity
  • Precipitation
  • Convective Parameters
  • Winter Parameters

Additional information will be posted as we work diligently to prepare this data for you! We are excited to provide this superb weather model in our very popular platform!

For more information, and to test our interactive weather maps, please visit here


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