Custom WRF Solutions

Our company has shown its forte in superior forecast modeling accuracy and versatility. We offer custom WRF solutions for any need. Various consulting firms utilize this service to provide accurate and detailed information to their clients.

What exactly do our Custom WRF clients receive?

  • Custom model domain centered over area of interest
  • Up to 4x per day update cycle
  • Full suite of severe weather, winter weather and general parameters
  • 15 minute data output
  • Custom model name
  • Custom station readout locations
  • Custom color schemes
  • Access to RAW GRIB files for integration into media solutions
  • Access to text output files
  • Expert meteorologist support for fine tuning
  • Free access to our “Total Access and Custom Branding Package” at HazWx ($240 Value)

To inquire about our custom WRF solutions, please contact us.

Here is an example of a domain for one of our consultation clients in Indianapolis, IN.

BAM WRF Domain

BAM WRF Domain


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