Real Time Mesoscale Analysis | Interactive Maps

By now, you have likely heard the word of our forecast modeling system launching February 1st.. At least we hope you have!

Every great forecast first requires an understanding of the current conditions. That is why we are proud to announce we will be publishing data from the NOAA/NCEP RTMA (Real Time Mesoscale Analysis) system! This will allow for a detailed look at the current near surface conditions. This data will update hourly and will be available to all subscribers!

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Below is an image preview showing the incredible detail provided by this analysis!



Today’s Severe Weather Threat (Texas and Oklahoma)

It may be mid January but the threat for severe weather exists across southern Oklahoma and northern Texas this afternoon. Strong thunderstorms are possible across the area with the threat of damaging winds and perhaps a few tornadoes. Be sure to follow the Storm Prediction Center and your local NWS Office for more information!

Below are a few images from our Interactive Maps that launch February 1st! Be sure to put in your email below to get the latest information about the maps when they go public!





Hazard Notifications on WeatherBrains Tonight!

If you are into weather, the online web series “WeatherBrains” is a must for you to see! WeatherBrains is the weekly netcast that’s all about weather, delivered on a variety of audio and video platforms. This is the show that unites weather geeks worldwide! Tonight, Brandon Sullivan, the CEO of Hazard Notifications will be on WeatherBrains, discussing all the amazing technology coming soon. If you have wanted a preview into the future of Hazard Notifications, here is your chance to check it out!

Here is their website below, with links to archived shows and information.. Check it out and check in tonight to view the show!

Brandon will be discussing the HazWx modeling site, with live previews of the interface, talking about mobile development, social media and other interesting topics!


 You can watch the show here!




Heavy Lake Effect Snow to Impact New York

Its that time of year, where heavy snow impacts areas near the Great Lakes! Lake Effect Snow Warnings have been issued by the National Weather Service for areas of New York. Two areas of heavy snow are expected. Our models show these 2 areas rather well!


In addition, our models hint at near Blizzard conditions near Watertown tomorrow afternoon and evening! It is going to be a very white and windy day! The areas in gray below indicate a moderate potential for Blizzard conditions, while areas in red indicate a high likelihood for Blizzard potential!



HazWx Blizzard Index Predicts Blizzard

As early as yesterday morning, our Blizzard Conditions Index highlighted the potential for Blizzard conditions across Illinois and Indiana. Our custom algorithm takes in a variety of factors to pinpoint where Blizzard conditions may strike. This afternoon, Blizzard Warnings were issued for portions of the area highlighted by our index!





This index, along with other custom indices we have under development, can offer extended warning time in many weather situations!

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Hazard Notifications Introduces *Experimental* Skin Exposure Index

Life threatening cold is impacting much of the Midwest today and tomorrow! Bitter cold wind chills possibly dipping to -60F are possible. In these conditions, frostbite can occur in a matter of minutes!

This event has inspired Hazard Notifications to create a unique *Experimental* Skin Exposure Index, or SEI algorithm, that the monitors the conditions necessary to cause frostbite. The output is easy for anyone to comprehend; a simple measurement indicating minutes of skin exposure prior to damage. Here’s the latest map for Monday, Jan 6:




You can see widespread areas of under 10 minutes exposure across much of the Midwest. This is a very dangerous situation!

This map and many other specialty outputs are available by subscription beginning February 1st at HazWx.com. In addition to specialty products, HazWx operates the only responsive mapping system available and does so with the most intuitive interface and stunning overlays you’ll find. All of this on the familiar Google mapping system, offering ultra smooth zoom and pan capabilities.

We invite you take a look around the site and see what’s available to you and your organization. From 3-Day Advanced Alerting to specialty products for industry, we ARE weather brought to you.

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