Asset Protection System to Launch August 20th

Weather impacts every face on the planet, every day. Such a continuous threat on a global scale calls for improved prediction of these hazards, aiming to better protect consumers as well as the businesses that serve them.

Based in Norman, Oklahoma, Hazard Notifications is the efforts by several professional meteorologists and software engineers to create a set of weather-centric products that meet the needs of both business and consumers. Going above and beyond traditional weather products, Hazard Notifications continues to innovate and develop products that require minimal effort for the end user.

Hazard Notifications’ latest culmination, “HazardAlerting” is set to launch Wednesday August 20th, 2014. This system notes recent events around the globe that underscore the increasing volatility of the weather and the different ways in which it can impair the economy. Although the majority of businesses are exposed to weather risks, many fail to adequately identify and manage the impact changes in climatic conditions can have on their revenue streams.

HazardAlerting will warn organizations of specific threats to workforce and assets up to 48 hours in advance; this in addition to immediate threats such as weather watches and warnings. including impending hail, wind, lightning, winter, extreme temperature and tornado threats, to name a few. Alerts will be instantly delivered via text and email with detailed descriptions of the impending threats.

Stay tuned for a full press release and more information on launch on Wednesday morning. Before launch, please visit the HazAlerting Website to learn more about this upcoming product.


Asset Protection Console

Asset Protection Console



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