HazWx Android App Released!

The 00z NAM has just released prior to a big weather day and you’re at dinner with the family. You cannot access your precious Hi-Res weather models because you’re nowhere near a computer. You start to sweat and stutter as your dinner companion orders dessert – they never order dessert!

You check your phone over and over hoping someone will text, tweet, anything! Nope, they’re not because they’re pouring over the insane variables displayed on their screens at home.

It doesn’t have to be this way…

Now enjoy the power of HazWx.com advanced weather models right in your pocket in a beautifully designed and intuitive application! The HazWx application, you guessed it, is compliments of your HazWx online subscription and brings the full model offering right to your fingertips.

-Pinch to zoom Weather Data

-Forecast models including HRRR,RAP,NAM4,NAM12,GFS and SPC WRF

-Powerful Google Maps interface

-Side by Side model comparison

-Google Traffic Data

-Spotter Network Data

-Radar and Satellite Overlays

-HazWx Custom Indicies

-HazWx’s Exclusive TargetTracker

Creating the only companion app of it’s kind, HazWx has again broken the mold and is changing the way you receive your essential weather information. Visit http://HazWx.com for full product offering, pricing and sign up information.





If you are an iOS user, we understand you must feel frustrated and left out. When building our application, we ran into serious limitations with iOS. At this time, iOS is unable to support our high resolution graphics and detailed color tables. In order to change these, we would have to significantly degrade the user experience not only on the mobile device, but the web as well. We are still actively researching potential for an iOS app, however! In the mean time, did you know our website works great in Safari and other iOS browsers on your mobile devices? Whether on an iPad, iPhone or your PC, you can easily view our website and still utilize all features listed above! Wifi, 3G/4G, you can still view all the data in your mobile browser!

Thanks for your overwhelming support thus far, we look forward to continuing to bring you new and exciting products!

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