Something Big is Coming

Brought to life nearly 8 months ago, Hazard Notifications set out to redefine weather as it relates to business. In 2012 alone, the global economic loss from weather-related events was nearly $150 billion. Behind closed doors, we have been working feverishly to develop groundbreaking software to become the leader in asset protection and decision support. Our new technology is nearing release and promises to revolutionize many aspects of weather business, filling gaps and improving existing technology that competitors have failed to acknowledge. A wide range of industries will be able to immediately reap the benefits from advanced technology that provides alerts well in advance for potential impacts.

Users will be able to set a custom radius to be notified of various hazards including strong thunderstorms and lightning. Users will have access to street level lightning data, radar, weather alerts and much more. Instant notifications via email and mobile devices will be available for a wide range of alerts, including proprietary alerts developed by Hazard Notifications meteorologists.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we continue to announce features and show off screenshots of our advanced alert console.


Advanced alerting console

Advanced alerting console



Storm cell alerts







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