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Unique weather decision support system for fixed location alerting before and during the storm

Norman, OK August 21, 2014 – Until today, weather forecasts and notifications in relation to organizational risks have been unavailable at sufficiently localized scales to properly supplement the decision making process. In response, Hazard Notifications, LLC has created HazAlerting, the only full featured weather risk assessment system available on the market today that alerts up to two days prior to specific weather threats at one or more fixed locations.

HazAlerting assures business continuity with respect to environmental hazards by warning organizations of threats to workforce and assets up to 48 hours in advance; this in addition to immediate threats such as weather watches and warnings. Threats monitored and alerted for can include impending hail, wind, lightning, winter, extreme temperature and tornado threats, to name a few.

“Traditionally, concentration has been focused upon warning of immediate weather threats,” Brandon Sullivan, Managing Partner of Hazard Notifications advised. “HazAlerting ingests multiple weather model systems and applies our proprietary numerical analysis in order to assess specific risks at specific locations anywhere in the U.S.” He adds “Fresh new data sets are the future of meteorological impact analysis and that’s precisely the business model we have established.”

Use case

  • Respond to incoming weather threats in relation to personnel and asset protection with unprecedented lead time
  • Mobilize inventory based on potential hazardous conditions up to two-days in advance of need
  • Easily and accurately monitor large-scale environmental features as they apply to the fire protection, agricultural and transportation industries

Hazard Notifications, LLC Based in Norman, Oklahoma, Hazard Notifications is the culmination of efforts by several professional meteorologists and software engineers to create a set of weather-centric products that meet the needs of corporations and consumers. From weather modeling, to asset protection and meteorological consulting, Hazard Notifications is redefining the way weather information is consumed.

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